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Host An International Soccer Coach

Complete the form below to apply to host a coach

Please include in which town and state you are located and if you know the name coach you would like to host. General host family inquiries are also welcome. Our host family coordinator will get back to you to discuss the opportunity. 

Why Family Housing?

Over a period of time during the inception Soccer XS in the US, when there were no hotels or dormitory accommodations for coaches near to our locations for training and camps, some parents of those children attending those programs, offered to house coaches for the week.

Over the years, the family housing program has become an enormously successful experience for both the host families and our coaches; in-fact most of our coaches prefer family housing to hotel accommodations.

Cultural Exchange Experience

Hosting a coach is a fantastic way to introduce a cultural exchange to your family! Our coaches love to spend time with families within the program and enjoy the feeling of being part of our extended "community family."

The stay can be as short or as long as the family desires and requires nothing more than a place to sleep and somewhere for the coach to shower and do laundry. Anything else is entirely up to the family.

Not only does the program provide a truly unique cultural experience to your household, but also allows for a little extra time to be spent with your children working on their soccer skills!

Program Benefits

  1. FREE weekly private 1on1 TRAINING with your coach.
  2. FREE REGISTRATION for the soccer season or soccer camp.
  3. Added EXCITEMENT for your child's soccer season.
  4. A MEMORABLE cultural family exchange experience as your children learn about our Coaches home country and culture.
  5. Weekly stipend to help with added costs of hosting.

Host Family Testimonials