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Coaching Tips: Facilitating vs Coaching

By Rob Lamb, 07/01/20, 1:30PM EDT



We see many newer coaches falling into the trap of simply 'Facilitating' training activities instead of 'Coaching' training activities.

Anyone with limited soccer knowledge can facilitate an activity, but the skill of coaching is far more in-depth, requires more planning and a deeper knowledge of the subject matter.

A FACILITATOR will be able to competently set-up and organize an activity, communicate how the activity is ran and oversee the execution of the activity.

A COACH does all of those things but their focus in running the activity is to improve technique, skills sets and decision making. They are prepared with coaching points to improve the quality of the execution of the activity and have appropriate progressions to adjust the activity to properly challenge the players and keep them engaged. They have an understanding that the activity needs to translate to the game in some way and are therefore prepared with adjustments to add pressure via added players (defenders) or a time limit. This will challenge players to execute the activity at game speed in a more game-like environment.

If you're newer to coaching, we hope this helps. Next time you are running practice, ask yourself "am I facilitating this activity or coaching it". If you're able to do the things on the right of this diagram, you're well on your way to being a better coach.

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