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Private Training


1on1 and Small Group Training is available for any players looking to stay active, work on their technical skill development or prepare for try-outs. Sessions are scheduled at your convenience and locally to you.

Appropriate sanitation of equipment will be conducted after each training session and 6-foot social distancing will be adhered to throughout the session. 

Soccer XS Private Training programs offer girls and boys of all ages the opportunity to train with a licensed professional coach, to set goals and improve their individual soccer skills or soccer specific fitness. Whether you are new to the game or a seasoned club/collage player, Soccer XS Private Training can help you take your game to the next level. Review the options below to find the training program that best suits your goals.

Private Training Pricing

Soccer XS Private Training sessions are all 1 hour per session and maximize the customization of your training program. Payment is due at the first training session via cash or check made payable to Soccer XS LLC. 

Training Program Number of Players Training Fee
1 Private Training Session 1 $60
2 Private Training Sessions 1 $100 (Save $20)
4 Pack of Training Sessions 1 $200 (Save $40)
6 Pack of Training Sessions 1 $300 (Save $60)
8 Pack of Training Sessions 1 $400 (Save $80)

Group Private Training Pricing

The benefit of Soccer XS Small-Group Training is that you can still receive personalized training but the cost can be split between 2-4 players. This provides the opportunity for reduced 'per player' private training costs. 

Training Program Number of Players Training Fee
1 Private Group Training Session Up to 4 $150
4 Pack of Private Group Training Sessions Up to 4 $550

Why Private Training?

Many parents and players have told us they can't get the necessary personalized training they would like from their regular team practices or at soccer camps.

Whilst group training programs offer other values, often the training in those environments caters to the group as a whole and not the individual needs of each player. 

Players today understand what areas of their game they need to work on and so they want targeted training that helps them get there. 

The Solution

To support your endeavor to be the best you can be on and off the field, Soccer XS is excited to offer private training programs for individuals and small-groups. 

Professional training delivered by our licensed Soccer XS coaching staff is tailored to your training needs. Each program allows you to set specific goals and achieve them. 

Whether staying fit, working on technical skills, receiving training specific to your position or preparing for the upcoming soccer season - Soccer XS Private Training Programs are tailor-made for you.